Family Camping Trip Needs Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing Company Rescues Disabled RV

Heavy duty towing was needed when a fifth wheel had problems. A family camping trip got off to a rocky start recently when their RV’s tires and brake system failed and they were forced to pull over onto the side of a road in the Sacramento area. Within an hour of being called, AJ’s Towing came to the rescue and were able to hook the family’s RV up to one of their heavy wreckers and tow it to the RV repair shop.

Fantastic job by the team at AJ’s Towing for arriving at the scene so quickly and yet again, helping another family in the California area! Hopefully, they were able to complete their camping trip!

Heavy Duty Towing of Fifth Wheel
Heavy Duty Towing of Fifth Wheel

Details of Heavy Duty Towing of RV

AJ’s Towing received a call to deliver heavy duty towing on May 12, 2020 to help recover and rescue a disabled fifth wheel on the West Side Highway in the Sacramento area. The dispatcher called in a heavy-duty towing team to drive out to the location, which was over around 10 miles away from the heavy duty towing headquarters. The heavy duty towing team made it to the location within 60 minutes. The heavy duty towing team arrived with a heavy wrecker to find the RV, that had been driven by a family, sitting at a blind shoulder of the West Side Highway. When the heavy duty towing team arrived on site, they first ensured the family was safe and secured in a position where no one was in harm’s way – in the case of a possible roadside collision. The heavy duty towing team then spoke to the driver of the RV to find out exact details and receive a full account of what happened. The heavy duty towing team then assessed the situation of the RV. After evaluating the fifth-wheel carefully, the heavy-duty towing team decided the fifth-wheel was stable enough to pull it into a repair shop and that it could withstand a gentle tow, despite its damaged wheels. However, before pulling it in, the heavy duty towing team decided that a spare tire was needed on the RV, so they pulled a tire off the RV and replaced it with a spare tire. To do so, the heavy duty towing team got a jack out of the back of the heavy wrecker and attached it to the support on the fifth wheel. The heavy duty towing team loosened the wood nuts and removed them. The heavy duty towing team then put the spare onto the fifth wheel, tightened the wood nuts back in and secured the tire in place. The heavy duty towing team then carefully attached their tow truck to the fifth wheel and drove 20 miles along the West Side Highway towards exit 5 in North Natomos. The heavy duty towing company then made their way toward North Sacramento before heading toward downtown, then midtown Sacramento and finally arriving at the RV repair shop where they delivered the fifth-wheel so it could be assessed even further. The RV received the necessary repairs and is back on the road.