Semi Truck Decking in Sacramento

Expert Team Completes Semi Truck Decking of 3 New Trailers

Semi truck undecking pros AJ’s Towing recently responded to a call from a customer in Sacramento. With experience and expertise in all types of towing and wrecker services for over 20 years, the AJ’s team was more than happy to lend a helping hand.

The towing crew learned from the customer that he needed help from a trusted towing company to complete a semi truck undecking. The Sacramento customer needed to undeck three brand new Dorsey Trailers. Well known in the industry for over 100 years, Dorsey Trailers are renowned for their durability and often used by construction companies to haul heavy equipment.

AJ’s Towing knew that they could smoothly complete this quick undecking job. Two trailers were on top of another trailer that was rolling on the ground. Using a heavy wrecker, the expert towing team safely undecked all three aluminum trailers in just under two hours.

Once they were undecked, the Dorsey Trailers made their way to their new home and are now gracing the Sacramento streets! Kudos to the AJ’s Towing team on another job well done! Keep up the great work!


Details of Expert Team Completes Semi Truck Undecking of 3 New Trailers

AJ’s Towing recently responded to a call from a customer in Sacramento requesting a semi truck undecking towing team. The customer called because he needed assistance in undecking three brand new trailers. He needed a semi truck undecking service to undeck the trailers so that they could deliver them to a nearby customer.

The customer and the team from AJ’s Towing arranged a time and place to meet. AJ’s Towing suggested that the semi truck decking take place in a yard so that there was ample space. On the date of the triple undecking job, the team was ready to go. The customer arrived at the location with the three brand new aluminum Dorsey trailers.

The heavy towing team used a heavy wrecker to facilitate the undecking of the first trailer. Once the first trailer was undecked, the team continued using the heavy wrecker to undeck the second aluminum trailer. The completed the job with the undecking of the final aluminum trailer.

The AJ’s Towing customer was extremely happy with the outcome of the semi truck undecking job. The AJ’s team was careful, safe, and efficient, and completed the job without a hitch. Upon the completion of the semi truck undecking job, the customer was ready to deliver them to the construction company.

AJ’s Towing is open for all of their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide a variety of services including heavy duty towing, big rig towing, heavy duty recovery, heavy duty winch-outs, truck roadside assistance, decking, undecking, and more! The AJ’s team employs experienced operators and uses state of the art equipment. When you work with AJ’s Towing, you know that you will be working with the best team in Sacramento!