Towing Service Moves RX7 to Hawaii

Heavy Towing Service Sending RX7 to Hawaii

Sometimes we have the best job at AJ’s Towing Service. We got a recent call to help move a Mazda RX7 from here in Sacramento to Hawaii.  We love these special rear wheel drive rotary beauties. As you can see we took very special care of the Mazda. Our team loaded the Mazda into the sea Container being careful to not damage it.   After being sure that the Mazda was secured, our towing service team locked it up the Sea Container to then send it off to Hawaii. 

We love, love taking towing exotics, muscle cars and classic cars. Next time you need help, think of AJ’s Towing.

Towing Service in action sending RX7 to Hawaii
Towing Service in action sending RX7 to Hawaii

Details of Towing Service that Sent RX7 to Hawaii

A call came into the dispatch for our towing service to load a Mazda RX7 into a sea container. The RX7 was going to be sent to Hawaii on a cargo ship.  Our towing service team drove out to the clients office where the car was waiting for it.  They started the drive at AJ’s Towing at 3351 Fruitridge Rd B, Sacramento, CA. The towing service team turned on the CA-99 N which is going north.   They continued on the CA-99 until they arrived at I-80BL E to Arden Way. The towing service team took exit 9B from I-80BL.  They followed Arden Way and Evergreen Street to Rio Linda Blvd where they arrived at their destination. When our towing service team admired the Mazda fit and finish. They then walked around the Mazda and assessed the situation.  First, the towing service team walked over to the flatbed controls. We lowered the ramp of the flatbed. Next, a towing service team walked over to the Mazda RX7, opened the door, started the engine, put the car into drive and drove it toward the flatbed. The Mazda’s front tires hit the flatbed and rolled up one foot. The tires rolled up two feet and started to slant at a steeper angle. The rear tires followed the front tires up the ramp. The rear left tire hit first. The rear right wheel hit second.  The Mazda rolled up the ramp all the way and stopped. The AJ’s Towing Service team member got out of the car and walked over to the flatbed ramp control. The towing service team member move the ramp to horizontal. The towing service team drove the flatbed holding the Mazda to the elevated sea container.   The towing service team got into the Mazda and shifted it into reverse. Carefully, they backed closer to the sea container. The rear wheels of the Mazda rolled onto the metal sea container floor first. Next, the front wheels rolled onto the metal sea container floor.