Please Read the Entire Job Description and Requirements Below Before Starting Your Application


AJ’S TOWING LLC is accepting applications for qualified individuals to work with our team of Towing Operators.

Please read the following job description before applying for employment in this position. Should you decide to apply for the position after reading the job description, download the job description and application from the website. Retain the job description for your records and fill the application out online for further consideration for the available driver position.


To provide safe, professional, damage free towing and roadside services in a timely manner at a reasonable cost. We will strive for complete confidence in our services from customers, motor clubs, and law enforcement.


Towing Operators perform towing and roadside assistance calls for Fleet companies, shops, law enforcement, retail customers, and insurance companies.

You will be required to know the towing capacity and limits of each truck and what each piece of equipment on the truck will do. Tow calls might include passenger cars, pickup trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles, tractor trailers, heavy equipment, etc.

Most of the calls we respond to are not accidents. The majority of the requests for assistance are for vehicle transport from a home or business to a repair facility.

Our Towing Operators also provide roadside assistance calls that include changing a flat tire, performing lockout services, fuel delivery, jump starting a vehicle or selling and installing a battery if necessary. Other duties include providing passenger transport when needed or assistance with traffic control and cleanup on a call already in progress for another team member.

During the winter or rainy seasons, we often perform Winch out services for motorists who have become stuck or have slid off the main roadway. Sometimes the job is more complex and a recovery is needed, followed by a tow. You will be required to learn all aspects of recovery.

AJ’S TOWING LLC prides itself for providing professional and efficient customer service to all customers. Maintaining a professional presence for all customers, customer calls, and service to our customers is expected from all employees of AJ’S TOWING LLC.


Becoming a tow operator can be rewarding work. You can go to sleep every night knowing that you helped someone in need every day. When on call, you will be required to respond to someone in need of our assistance at all times of the day and night.

Towing is a 24/7/365 business. Applicants are hired for a particular shift, but staffing demands may require immediate but temporary schedule changes due to severe weather conditions, illness, heavy truck wrecks, time off requests, staffing shortages, etc.

Many hours will be spent behind the wheel, working in adverse conditions, dealing with the public and providing outstanding customer service. Working independently and as a team is an important aspect of the position.

Our drivers are to be clean shaven (beards, mustaches, and goatees must be neatly trimmed. Stubble from lack of daily shaving is unacceptable. Hair must be kept neat and groomed.

While we understand that tattoos and piercings are widely accepted, we appreciate that the majority of them be covered up if possible.

Drivers will be required to wear a clean uniform while on duty and at every call they go on.

Smoking is NOT allowed in the company vehicles. If you are a smoker you must be extra courteous to smoke outside of the truck and not around customers. Smoking on the premises is allowed away from the office area and cigarettes must be properly disposed of in the outside dumpster.

Drivers must possess a high level of integrity. If you cannot resist the temptation for theft, then this is NOT the job for you! Customers will be placing absolute trust in you for the care and custody of their vehicle and possessions.

Company vehicles are to be kept clean, orderly, and ready to work. We wash our trucks several times a week.

Paperwork is a requirement for this position. Accuracy and legibility are a must. Paperwork will be completed during the process of each call as well as daily truck inspections and other required paperwork.

When not running calls during office hours, drivers are expected to return to the office to help with tasks that need completed around the lot such as cleaning auction cars, washing your trucks, cleaning up the lot, and various other duties.

Finally, we work closely as a team. It is important to maintain the team atmosphere even in hectic times. It is extremely important each member of the team realize how crucial it is to be on time for your shift (meaning being ready to work) or if necessary staying late to help complete the calls in progress and make sure we are caught up for the drivers on call that night. Due to the nature of our business, we never know when the calls might start pouring in. It might be right at 5:00pm when everybody else is trying to commute from work.


Towing is a 24/7/365 business and we must always have drivers available. However, we are committed to providing a life outside of work and we try to provide you with the time off needed to maintain your personal and family life. We currently work with a full staff of drivers during the day Monday – Friday and have assigned on call drivers every other night and every other weekend. Start times vary from 6am to 8am depending on the calls coming in and if the driver was on call the night before. This will be discussed further in the interview and hiring process.


Wages depend on experience and raises depend on the rate that you learn your position and the outcome of performance reviews. This is a base commission position. This will be discussed during the interview process and fully explained when the position is offered.


  • Due to very strict insurance policies, there is a minimum age requirement of 23 for tow operators that cannot be negotiated.
  • Applicant must possess a clean driving record approved by our insurance carrier. The MVR (motor vehicle record) from the DMV must go back 3 years and include both personal and employment driving histories. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is beneficial, but not necessary for light duty or entry-level drivers.
  • Criminal background checks are completed during the interview process.
  • Pre-employment drug screening after interview and background check. Random drug screenings will also be completed throughout employment.
  • No experience in towing is required. We will train the right individual.
  • Applicant must be able to lift 50 lbs.
  • Applicant must provide their own work boots, work gloves, rain gear, and cold weather gear.
  • Uniform shirts, pants, and safety vest are required and provided by the company.
  • Applicants must be able to think quickly and also know when to ask for help with decisions.