AJ’s Towing Specializes in Heavy Duty Towing Services

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In Sacramento, AJ’s Heavy Duty Towing Services are acclaimed and highly sought after in the area. We are highly skilled at complex recovery of any type of vehicle from semi trucks, box trucks, tanker trucks and more. We perform all types of towing including heavy duty towing, semi towing, big rig towing and RV towing.

Our staff follows strict protocols in their towing process. They are incredibly trained in the operational details of heavy towing and vehicle recovery. Our fleet includes a range of different types of equipment. No matter what type of towing service you need we have heavy tow trucks, heavy wreckers and more. When you call AJ’s Towing, our knowledgeable dispatchers will talk you through the job and pair you with an experienced team of WreckerMaster certified operators.


Most towing companies don’t have the necessary resources or experience to provide their customers with the industry-leading performance of AJ’s Towing. We work hard to understand your unique business challenges, part of which is keeping your fleet fully operational. We act fast to keep your company running at full capacity. When you need heavy duty towing services, give AJ’s towing a call.

The team at AJ’s Towing has the training, experience and know-how to handle every challenging semi towing, big-rig towing, and RV towing situation.

heavy equipment towing
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Each heavy duty towing job has unique challenges. We map our jobs out in advance to account for logistics, necessary technical experience, equipment, and any parts and resources required. We are prepared to provide heavy duty towing services from semi truck towing or other big rig towing, to managing and load shifting cargo or tractor swaps.

At AJ’s Towing, we work with urgency to get you on the road quickly, safely and affordably. We dispatch a heavy duty tow truck to recover your truck, and we will tow one of your functional tractors to your driver. AJ’s Towing will even swap out the disabled unit, and bring the inoperable tractor home to the repair facility. When you need fast, dependable heavy towing service, call AJ’s Towing.


When you need off-road recovery, AJ’s Towing is always ready with the experience and equipment to handle the job. Whether you require a rotator to lift your 4×4 from a rugged area, or your semi out of a ditch, AJ’s Towing is at your service. We have expertise with complex jobs such as an RV or big rig that needs a true heavy-duty tow vehicle with an extended wheelbase, or Perhaps your RV or big rig requires a true heavy-duty tow vehicle with an extended wheelbase, or requires winches and cables and a maximum towing capacity wrecker. Whatever the case is, we have all of your heavy duty towing needs covered.

Our team turns your vehicle upright and gets it rolling back down the road with ease. AJ’s Towing can handle the job.
AJ’s Towing strictly adheres to clear safety guidelines. We are methodical, thorough and efficient. It does not matter if your RV is upside down, or your bus is stuck on a dirt road. We have the skills and equipment to expertly extract your ride. And, best of all, we’ll listen to what you need to get the job done right the first time.

heavy duty towing near me
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Off-road recovery is one of AJ’s Towing specialties. We train our technicians for any situation, including water retrieval, burned-out vehicles, and “stuck in the mud” hook-and-drop and winching services. We can also recover nearly every type of vehicle that may get stuck off road, including:

  • Quads
  • Dirt bikes
  • Jeeps and SUVs
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks
  • And more!


AJ’s Towing provides commercial towing services for a wide variety of businesses. Local police and fire departments keep us on speed dial, and we also work with local car dealerships, repair shops, restaurants, department stores, apartment complexes and commercial property owners.

AJ’s Towing takes pride in working with our partners to provide reliable commercial towing services throughout Sacramento and the surrounding areas. Call today to learn how we can help you solve your commercial towing problem.

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Another integral aspect of our heavy towing services is the ability to move motorhomes, campers, and RVs. AJ’s Towing has all the equipment and expertise needed to safely transport you, your loved ones, and your big recreational rig in a reliable manner.
Trust us with your heavy duty towing jobs, big or small.


The towing recovery process requires more expertise than you may have initially suspected. AJ’s Towing operates a fleet of sophisticated heavy duty towing equipment that can hoist, pull and push a car or truck in any direction.
It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, we can handle the job!

heavy duty towing near me
heavy duty towing company sacramento


Heavy duty tow truck operations are logistically complex by nature. We work hard to deliver construction equipment to fit your schedule. Our trained team handles backhoe hauling, bulldozer shipping, dump truck transports, excavator hauling, forklift shipping, oversize transports and more.
Our towing technicians are WreckMaster certified to transport any type of construction equipment. When you have a job that feels too big to handle, AJ’s Towing is ready to get the job done.