Heavy Towing Semi Leaking Propane

Heavy Towing Team Called In To Tow Semi Which Was Dangerously Leaking Propane

AJ’s heavy towing team was called in for an emergency tow in Stockton, California. The customer had a fleet of propane powered semi trucks. During a routine inspection, they noticed that one of the trucks was leaking propane. Knowing that the slightest spark could ignite the propane, the customer decided to call in a professional heavy towing team to tow the semi truck to a nearby dealership. 

The heavy towing team brought along their 35 ton wrecker which could easily tow the semi truck. Working carefully, they made sure to contain the leak as much as they could. Once they deemed it safe, they began the towing process. The semi truck had no trailer so it was a simple enough job to hook on to the backend of the tractor and tow it backwards.

The team coordinated with the Volvo dealership in Stockton to ensure that a repair team would be on standby for the semi truck. A short drive later, the semi was in the safe hands of the mechanic team. 

This customer knew that they could rely on AJ’s to get the job done safely. Great work out there! 

Heavy Towing Stockton

Details of Heavy Towing Team Called In To Tow Semi Which Was Dangerously Leaking Propane

The heavy towing dispatch team received a call from a client in Stockton, California, requesting their immediate aid. A heavy towing team was on standby at AJ’s Galt location on 10375 Live Oak Ave, Galt, CA 95632. The towing team was immediately dispatched to the clients location. 

Driving a 35 ton wrecker, the heavy towing team arrived at the client’s yard. The heavy towing team assessed the situation. A propane powered semi tractor was leaking propane. The customer called the towing towing team in to safely tow the semi tractor to a nearby Volvo dealership which was also in Stockton, California.

The towing team backed up their 35 ton wrecker towards the backend of the tractor. The heavy towing team then hooked onto the backend of the semi tractor. After ensuring that everything was secured, the heavy towing team departed from the client’s yard. The heavy towing team then safely deposited the semi tractor at the Stockton Volvo dealership.