Tow Truck Company: Top 3 Essential Items

Sacramento Tow Truck Company Says These 3 Items Should Always Be In Your Car

When you work for a tow truck company, you never know what your work day will bring you. Every day is a new adventure … and we would not have it any other way! After working for decades in the towing industry, we decided it was time to share some of our knowledge with you! Here are some items that you should always keep in your car to make life easier and safer!
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  1. Phone Charger

    You never know when trouble will hit. Flat tires and engine trouble can happen anywhere. The last thing you would want is finding yourself stranded on the side of the road with no means to call a tow truck company for help! You wouldn’t believe the amount of times some of our customers had to wait longer for help to get to them simply because they needed time to source a phone.

    We recommend two types of chargers for your car. The first is one that can connect directly to your car so you can keep your phone charged while driving. Another charger that you should keep on you is a portable power bank. This way, even if your car is out of juice, you’ll always have access to a source of power for your phone.

  2. Car Registration Documents and Proof of Insurance

    Ask any tow truck driver and they will tell you the same thing; it is incredible how many driver’s neglect to keep their insurance and registration documents in their vehicle! Not having these important documents on you when you get into an accident can make a stressful situation even worse!Do yourself a favor. Once you’re done reading this blog, head out to your car. Open up your glove compartment and make sure that your (up to date) insurance documents and car registration are there! This will save you a massive headache (and an even bigger fine) in the event of an accident.

  3. “Look at Me” Kit

    Look at me kit? What in the world are you talking about AJ’s?! Car accidents and overall vehicle issues don’t only happen during daylight hours. If you run into car troubles and need to pull over by the side of a road, it’s imperative that any oncoming vehicles can easily see your car. Having flares or reflective triangles can make all the difference in keeping you and your vehicle safe while you’re waiting for the tow truck company to arrive. They will ensure that oncoming vehicles see you and slow down accordingly.One thing not to forget is a reflective (high vis) vest! You should always wear a reflective vest before setting up your flares or reflective triangles. Getting out of your vehicle when you’re on the shoulder of a busy road can be quite dangerous. It may not be the most fashionable item of clothing, but it can be the difference between life and death when you’re walking right next to a busy highway.