Towing Service Tows Trailer Full of Goats

Towing Service Saves the Day … And Some Goats!

AJ’s towing service team was called in to help tow a trailer in Stockton, California. When the team arrived on scene, they realized that there was a bit more to this trailer than they were initially told. The driver had been driving a truck hauling a livestock trailer filled with goats! Unfortunately, his truck broke down and he was unable to complete his journey. He found himself, his tractor, and the gooseneck trailer full of goats stuck on the road with no way to get home. 

Thankfully, this was a relatively simple task for the team at AJ’s. They were able to be on the scene quickly and were able to quickly hook-up to the client’s trailer and bring it to the desired drop off location. Both the driver and the goats were grateful for the lift; although the goats could not express it as clearly. AJ’s is used to working with a multitude of different clients. That being said, none of their clients were as loud as those goats! 

Not only did you help a motorist in need, you also helped a lot of goats! Fantastic work out there team!

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Towing Service

Details of Towing Service Saves the Day … And Some Goats!

AJ’s dispatch center received a call requesting a towing service for a broken down truck and trailer in Stockton, California. A towing service team was immediately dispatched to the location of the broken down truck. The towing service team arrived at the client. The towing service team assessed the situation. 

The towing service team noted that the client was hauling a gooseneck livestock trailer. A gooseneck trailer is a trailer that has what looks like a neck extending from it. This extension then attaches to a ball hitch in the bed of a pickup truck. Seeing as the truck was broken down, the towing services team were called in to help move the trailer full of live goats to the driver’s home. 

The towing service team detached the gooseneck trailer from the truck bed. The towing service team backed up their wrecker towards the gooseneck trailer. The towing service team attached the gooseneck trailer to their truck. The towing service team did a final inspection to ensure that the gooseneck trailer was properly secured and ready for transport.  


The towing service team hauled the gooseneck trailer that was full with live goats to the client’s home. Once there, the towing service team backed into the driveway. The towing service team unhooked the gooseneck trailer. The towing service team ensured that the trailer was stable and would not move.