The Different Types Of Towing Equipment

When you find yourself in need of a  tow, it’s essential to understand the different types of equipment that may be used to transport your vehicle. Part of being a responsible California driver is doing whatever you can to help the AJ’s Towing representative who comes out to help you, and knowing what to expect in advance is key.

Remember: while encountering tow trucks on the road should be approached with caution, it is important also to give them ample space to perform their tasks effectively and safely. Get an idea of the different types of towing equipment you may encounter on the roads, and contact our Sacramento towing company in a roadside emergency!

Tow Dollies

Tow dollies are a popular choice among Sacramento towing companies when moving small to mid-sized vehicles. These devices typically consist of two wheels and an axle, allowing the front wheels of the towed vehicle to be lifted off the ground. Tow dollies are commonly used for front-wheel-drive vehicles as they provide additional stability during transportation.

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks can also help vehicles of different sizes. These trucks have a long, flat platform, sort of like a pickup truck, that can be hydraulically inclined or lowered to the ground. Sliding the vehicle onto the flatbed eliminates the need for the towed vehicle’s wheels to be in contact with the road. This method may be used for luxury cars, motorcycles, and vehicles that cannot be towed through traditional means.


The hook-and-chain method is one of the most basic ways a tow truck in Sacramento may help your vehicle. It involves attaching a chain or steel cable to the frame of the towed vehicle and pulling it behind the tow truck. However, due to the potential damage it may cause to the vehicle being towed, this method is less commonly used today; this means it’s less likely for you to see this type of towing equipment in action.

Wheel-Lift Tow Services

Wheel-lift equipment is similar to tow dollies but offers a more efficient option for towing. It features a hydraulic lift system that attaches to the wheels of the towed vehicle. The lift raises the front or rear wheels off the ground, allowing the vehicle to be towed. Wheel-lift equipment may be used by a Sacramento towing company on rear-wheel and front-wheel-drive vehicles, providing ease of use and reducing potential damage to the towed vehicle. This method of helping stranded vehicles is commonly seen in Sacramento when towing vehicles that do not exceed weight limits.

Integrated Towing Systems

Certain tow trucks are equipped with integrated towing systems, such as a boom or an arm, commonly referred to as a “wrecker.” These systems allow for more complex and heavy-duty towing jobs. With various attachments, like winches and towing forks, integrated towing systems can efficiently tow large vehicles, including buses, heavy machinery, and tractor-trailers. Cars of all sizes need California tow truck services and this method is critical for large commercial or other unusual vehicles.

While you may not encounter integrated towing systems frequently on Sacramento roads, it is crucial to be aware of them when operating near construction sites, commercial areas, or during specialized towing operations.

Your California Tow Truck Service May Vary 

Understanding the different types of towing equipment used by AJ’s Towing and other Sacramento towing companies can bring peace of mind when encountering them on the road. Each type of truck and piece of equipment serves specific purposes and caters to different types of vehicles. By being familiar with these techniques, you can feel more confident when waiting on the side of the road.

Get the 24-hour towing and roadside assistance you need with  AJ’s Towing and learn more about the heavy-duty and highway towing resources we have available!

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